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Anti-lockdown demonstrator falsely accused of holding white supremacist sign

The lies never end when it comes to demonizing conservatives.

On April 20, entrepreneurs and their supporters participated in simultaneous rallies in Pittsburgh and Harrisburg to send a message to Governor Wolf that it was time to safely reopen Pennsylvania businesses.  Organized by PA Small Businesses Against Governor Wolf Shutdown, the rallies boasted hundreds in Pittsburgh and in Harrisburg and were meant to send a clear message to Harrisburg: “Pennsylvanians want to get back to work again.”  Governor Wolf ordered a shutdown of nonessential businesses in mid-March.

One of the drive-in participants in the rally to call for the reopening of the state was Jill Cooper of Murrysville, Pa.  Jill has been a longtime conservative activist since 2008.  She held the office of chair for the Westmoreland County Republican Party from 2012 to 2014 and is currently a Pennsylvania GOP Committee member.  She was twice a delegate to a GOP Convention and is currently running as a PA Trump campaign delegate.

Jill knows that small business is the heart and soul of this country and essential for economic growth.  With her background as a former executive director of the Murrysville Economic Community and Development Corporation, she shares a passion for small businesses and an understanding of their struggles.  Jill said she was very frustrated when she attempted a call to the Office of the Governor but ended up being routed to the Department of Health, only to discover she was being connected to a call center.  It was during her conversation with that call center that she realized she couldn’t be sure they were logging her complaint and getting it to the governor.  Frustrated, it was then that she decided to join the rally to be sure her voice would be heard.

Her husband drove her to the rally so she could wave her homemade sign; “Free Small Business.”  Andrew Rush, senior staff photographer, Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, photographed Jill with her sign.  It was later posted on his Twitter page (@andrewrush).  (Upper right corner — click on the photo to enlarge.)

On May 1 at 5:32 P.M., Talia Lavin, former writer for the New Yorker, posted the photo, but with a doctored sign that read, “Work Sets You Free.”  A slogan on the sign posted above the Auschwitz concentration camp, “Arbeit Macht Frei,” accompanied the forgery.  Andy Ngo tweeted out the fraud:


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