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Another whistleblower against Trump, another double standard

Democrats are claiming to have another whistleblower with secondhand knowledge accusing President Trump, this one from the Internal Revenue Service.

According to the Washington Post:

WASHINGTON – Two Senators are probing a whistleblower’s allegations that at least one political appointee at the Treasury Department may have tried to interfere with the audit of President Donald Trump or Vice President Mike Pence, according to two people with knowledge of the matter, a sign that lawmakers are moving to investigate the complaint lodged by a senior staffer at the Internal Revenue Service.

Staff for Sens. Chuck Grassley, R-Iowa, and Ron Wyden, D-Ore., the chair and ranking Democrat on the Senate finance committee, met with the IRS whistleblower earlier this month, those people said. Follow-up interviews are being scheduled to further explore the whistleblower’s allegations.

Apparently, they’ve got another water-cooler gossip caser in the works just in case the first one, Eric Ciaramella of the CIA, doesn’t quite work out. It sounds as though there’s a methodology going on here — just as the Brett Kavanaugh case drew out one phony accuser after another, as a sort  of “insurance policy” to raise the odds of something sticking, the Democrats now have a new whistleblower, brimming with secondhand and thirdhand knowledge to claim that Trump interfered in an IRS audit.

Deep State lives.

And so long as we’re speaking of Deep State, let’s recall who the real illegal meddlers over at the IRS really are.

The arguments against Trump have nothing provable so far, but the arguments against the left, embedded within the IRS infrastructure, are very, very well known.

This is the group that went after the Tea Party in 2012, sending out huge intrusive questionaires to those who requested tax-exempt status, and who delayed approvals for years, well after the 2012 election.

After that, IRS tax-exempt chief Lois Lerner “apologized” for the “customer service error” and blamed the IRS flyover rubes out in Cincinnati for the “error.”

Nope, it was a political persecution of dissidents and not one IRS minion got punished for that blatant politicization of the tax system as a club with which to beat Republicans and conservatives.

Now one of these people are claiming Trump’s the politicizer? We still don’t have answers on the first issue. Anyone at the IRS claiming to be ‘shocked, shocked’ about a secondhand claim that Trump attempted to manipulate the tax system needs to be answering some questions of their own.


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