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Amy Klobuchar wants to abandon English as America’s official language

For Democrats frightened by either an openly socialist candidate or an untested man whom blacks dislike, the seemingly “reasonable” choices are an ex-Republican, sexist, anti-Second Amendment, micro-managing despot — and Amy Klobuchar, the meanest Senator in Washington. It’s time to remember that Klobuchar has no fixed principles but will, instead, do whatever it takes to advance herself in the Democrat Party.

On Friday, Klobuchar’s latest opportunistic move was to announce at a campaign event in Las Vegas that English should not be America’s official language, even though she voted for a Senate bill that would have made English the official language. She now says that she has “taken a strong position against” the English language in America, although she cannot seem to explain her past vote. One can certainly explain her current turnabout, though, despite her efforts to keep her various immigration positions opaque:

Her policy shift comes a week before the caucuses are set to take place in a state with a large Latino population and an area where Klobuchar has about 10 percent support.

Klobuchar has flip-flopped on immigration policies, once supporting projects like a wall and E-Verify to ban employers from hiring illegal aliens back in 2006.

The Minnesota senator has also been open about supporting amnesty but has hidden her support for exporting college graduate-level jobs overseas.

This conduct is typical Klobuchar. The PowerLine blog, which is headquartered in Minnesota, has been reporting on Klobuchar for years, revealing a calculating progressive who uses “Minnesota nice” as a way to avoid being tagged for the controversial and often inconsistent stands she takes.

In September 2017, Scott Johnson summed up Klobuchar’s tactics when it came to Trump’s nominating Judge David Stras to the Eighth Circuit. Although Stras received bipartisan support in Minnesota from everyone who interacted with him, Klobuchar was blocking him from consideration, instead using his nomination as a cudgel to gain control over four other federal vacancies in Minnesota.

While the partisan Minnesota Star Tribune dutifully ignored Klobuchar’s machinations, PowerLine’s reporting on the issue irked Mrs. Minnesota Nice:

She refused to comment on our reporting about them. She chafed over our disclosure of them. She resented the bad attitude with which we viewed them. She sought to keep the lid on. She denied that she was blocking Stras’s nomination, although she was — pending some arrangement with the White House that would reward her for turning in her blue slip.

Seeking to appease Klobuchar while it tried to reach an agreement with her, the White House reached out to me. The White House had a favor to ask. It requested that I knock off covering the moves of this highly partisan politician with an incredibly thin skin while it worked something out with her. After all, she prefers to present herself (in the title of her memoir) as the Senator next door and the local media have been happy to play along with her.

When then-Sen. Al Franken eventually announced that he would not consider Stras’s nomination, Klobuchar turned around and said that Stras ought to get a hearing:

Or course, she left her use of Stras’s nomination for leverage on the Minnesota vacancies unmentioned, and it remains unmentioned in the Star Tribune story by Jennifer Brooks and Stephen Montemayor today.

Klobuchar then issued a public statement gushing about how wonderful Stras was, only to end by stabbing him in the back:

Klobuchar wants us to believe she fits the mold of Minnesota Nice. Her sayonara to Justice Stras in the concluding paragraph, however, shows her to be worse than a phony politician. She is a contemptible human being.

Klobuchar’s habit of being cute in public and vicious behind the scenes was again on display with the Neil Gorsuch nomination:

Minnesota Senator Amy Klobuchar specializes in avoiding outspoken stands on important issues. She looks for opportunities to lead the way on trivialities calculated to garner broad public support, such as her crusade against the threat to life and limb posed by “The crisis of the detergent pod.”

Senator Klobuchar is a reliable vote for the Democratic Party line, but she is quiet about it. She doesn’t want to upset anybody. She wants to preside over an era of good feelings — of good feelings about Amy Klobuchar. It’s a form of inanity that has won Klobuchar followers among the mainstream media in Minnesota and elsewhere.


Senator Klobuchar strongly supports the Democrats’ partisan filibuster of Judge Gorsuch. Why? Senator Klobuchar isn’t saying.

In addition, Senator Klobuchar strongly supports the retention of the filibuster for Supreme Court nominees generally. Why? Senator Klobuchar isn’t saying.

Klobuchar’s turnabout on English as America’s official language reveals the same M.O.: She presents a moderate front but generally works behind the scenes to ingratiate herself with the extremists in the Democrat party.


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  1. Doug Miller Doug Miller February 17, 2020

    I love desperation. I brings out the true maniac in people. If you want to know what someone is really like at their core, put them in a situation where they panic. You may not like the results but you will see what is between those ears, for sure.

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