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AMAZING! September’s Jobs Numbers 5th Best Ever – After China Coronavirus Shut Down President Trump Already Matches Obama’s Unemployment Rate at the End of His First Term

By Joe Hoft

The markets are at a record pace and now jobs are coming back!

According to data released this morning by the Bureau of Labor StatisticsPresident Trump added 661,000 jobs to the economy in September.

But this was not good news according to far-left lunatics:

The story repeated today is that the recovery is slowing:

Of course the recovery is slowing but each month the number of jobs added to the US economy since April has been record breaking! 

Starting in May, over the past five months the US has incurred the five largest increases in jobs ever.  Although the number of jobs added to the economy in September is less than August, it is still the 5th largest increase in jobs in US history following the previous four months.  The most jobs Obama ever incurred was the anomaly in May 2010 when his BLS reported an increase of 540,000 jobs.

The US simply won’t be adding 4 million jobs to the economy per month.  Even with Democrats opening up their states, this will not happen.  So it’s predictable that the number of jobs is increasing at a decreasing rate!  Suggesting the economic recovery is slowing is political and negating the record economic recovery we are in.

Today’s news is great news after the horrendous economic disaster the China coronavirus placed on the economy. Before this, the United States and President Trump were enjoying the greatest economy in US and world history with the GDP at $23 trillion – more than any economy ever!

Up through February, President Trump had increased the number of jobs in the US by more than 7 million jobs in the prior three years. Since the shutdowns in April, the US has gained more than 11.4 million jobs – THIS IS RECORD SETTING!

Also according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics the US unemployment rate dropped nearly a point, from 8.4% to 7.9%. 

President Trump has an average unemployment rate since January 2017 of 4.9%   Obama’s average unemployment rate over the same relative time period was nearly double at 9.0%.  Obama had four years to bring down the unemployment rate while Trump has had only 5 months.  The difference is President Trump has the greatest economic recovery in US history while Obama had the worst.

Also, what if the Democrat run states would allow their citizens to go back to work? The decrease in unemployment and increase in jobs would be even greater.

President Trump is making the American economy great again and he’s doing it with the greatest economic recovery ever! Despite head winds from China and the Democrats – President Trump keeps winning and is way ahead of Obama’s worst economic recovery ever.


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  1. DesertChick DesertChick October 2, 2020

    Only a moron would believe any jobs number put out by the Bureau of Lying Statistics. Trump will do anything to foster his own re-election. They low-ball numbers by leaving out discouraged workers, PT workers, gig workers, etc. They tell you what they want you to hear. Period. As for Wall Street, well those manipulators with their short selling, their Puts and Calls, and other tricks they use, especially Insider Trading; oh yeah, that White Shoe Crowd is always going to make sure they don’t miss a beat. Wall Street does not represent main stream America, by any means.

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