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20 Days to Save The USA

Register Now on WhovaUse the coupon code “ctm007” for free admission

Today we stand at the crossroads of what will be the continuation of our Great Republic, or the surrender of our sovereignty to Socialism and Marxism. Join us in our clarion call to citizens of the United States to take back the USA from the usurpers of liberty and hold fast to our God-given freedoms.

20 Days to Save The USA, a virtual media/issues conference, opens October 15 and continues through election day, November 3, 2020 with a who’s who of more than 100 conservative speakers, including Lt. General Jerry Boykins and political analyst Dick Morris. Scroll down for speakers, topics, and schedule.

Speaker topics and discussions include the right to bear arms, the Right to Life, school choice, limited government, low taxation, support of Israel, border security, traditional values, cancel culture, Covid-19 and more. Walk over 80 virtual exhibit booths and network with key influencers in the conservative movement.

Register Now on WhovaUse the coupon code “ctm007” for free admission

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